A couple from first appeared on Dr Phil in October 2006. The man was a surgeon who had used our dating site to find a woman that was attractive and of a higher quality. The relationship is highly successful and they are still together today. Since 2006, has contributed to numerous tv shows, including two segments on the Dr. Phil Show. Both shows have been aired many times. See more about on the The Dr Phil Show.
In 2006, was featured on the WB11, WPIX news which ran a feature on giving an extensive view of the site and the service it provides.
2006 saw appear on the CBS 42 News. A feature that went into the hot property of members that makes so successful. The management were able to demonstrate the philosophy and success behind the site. In this interview we were able to demonstrate our most recent success story of that time by saying how the staff of were invited to a wedding in the Bahamas for a couple who met on the site. If you want to see the whole feature and news clip, click the image to the right.
BBC Radio London interviewed a senior member of the management team in 2006. It was a light hearted interview allowing free flow conversation and listeners to phone in and contribute towards the high caliber angle of dating that provides.
Two of's members were featured in the very credible and highly read, NOW magazine. Both were photographed professionally and interviewed for the feature which gained a double page spread. Both members were especially pleased with the chance to be featured in a magazine and enjoyed the opportunity to momentarily stand in the limelight. was again able to demonstrate that its reach to the media was not only for the site, but also for the members who enjoyed this type of exposure.
City-Rochester's alternative newsweekly features commentaries on local politics, coverage of issues that plague Rochester, and editorials, in addition to sections and listings of Art, Music, Theatre and Movies. As part of their desire to bring exciting and different news to their audience they had interviewed someone from our management team who explained to their audience about and its specialty membership of affluent men and attractive women.
What better way than to start the day by listening to the MJ Morning show? That's what we thought after the outstanding DJ Todd Schnitt held a discussion overviewing and its members. A whole heap of fun for us and excellent for the listeners as well.
The National Post, Canada: Reportedly, Canada's trusted source for national news ran an in depth story on and the members that use the site. They wrote the story based on the members that use the site and their opinions on the type of dating service we provide. Needless to say, they were positive views.
Q96 gave us some time on the airwaves to talk about and how we have made the site such a success. Quality members, excellent customer service and giving the people what they really wanted was our response. where wealthy men such as myself can come to meet beautiful women!!!
Rock 98 interviewed in 2006. An excellent and fun interview discussing the philosophy behind and why it is so successful. We brought to the table many points about why we are delivering a superior service and demonstrated that a higher type of individual uses this site.
In 2006 the Telegraph wrote an early article that discussed and how it had catapulted onto the scene by delivering a quality online dating service to a more affluent and attractive clientele.
August 2006 saw gain national media exposure in the United Kingdom by appearing on arguably the country's largest daytime TV chat show, Channel 4's Richard & Judy. Amongst the guests were two members of, one a property developer and aspiring millionaire and the other was a glamour and fitness model from London. Both expressed their likeness for the quality of people that use the dating site and related their amazing experiences. See more about The Richard and Judy Show.
The News of the World is arguably the UK's most popular Sunday paper with sales around 3,500,000. The News of the World reported on on May 14th 2006 by displaying a selection of our millionaire members and detailing what they believed the benefits of our dating site were to them. The overall coverage gave a view on the type of dating service we delivered.
Another media outlet for in 2006 was the LA Times. The LA Times ran an article on millionaire dating and came under the spotlight with an interview with one of our affluent members. His claim to using our dating site was to find an above average woman.
BBC Radio Manchester took the opportunity to interview on the Eamonn and Dianne Breakfast show. A light hearted approach was taken, but with a serious undertone to ensure the quality of product was not lost in the humour. An excellent interview which allowed the people of Manchester to gain a taste of quality online dating over the air waves. was featured in the December 2006 issue of Front Magazine. A member of the management team of, along with a premiership footballer and other known businessmen were approached to model 'value' clothing for the magazine which was teamed with a light hearted interview about online dating, its growth and the growing credibility of this service.
The Guardian Newspaper detailed in its financial pages to draw attention to the amount of high quality men that use the site.
A great opportunity to entertain the listeners of N Rocks by giving them an overview of the much talked about dating site,
New Woman is a highly respected and very popular magazine in the UK bought by thousands of people every month. In August 2006, they ran a feature on one of our female members to find out what type of dating experiences the people from get. This particular member had enjoyed amongst other things, a cruise on a yacht to the South of France with one of the men she met. It was this story that took the interest of The Richard and Judy show where we appeared that week.
93.3 enjoyed some light and interesting conversation in 2006 where the topic of was discussed with a senior member of our staff. Points of view of the site were talked about as well as how we have made an impression in the online dating industry and how our focus on quality has seperated us from the pack.
In 2006 the Sun Sentinel ran a feature about online dating, using as an example of specialty dating sites. The story was both informative and interesting to readers who were curious to know more about our site that caters to affluent men and attractive women.
Y108 enjoyed the company of on the radio in 2006. Interesting, fresh and intriguing is how we would like to describe the events. Another successful interview allowing the air waves to be filled with information about how online dating should really be.
On August the 20th 2006, was featured in a double page spread in The New York Post. The article gave an overview of our dating site and the services we provide. The result of this lead to WB11 running a news story on the site which is detailed above.
In 2006 a member of the management team was invited to take the hot seat in one of the BBC studios for the 5 live show. The Sunday evening show was hosted by no less than the BBC's topical and debate driven DJ, Stephen Nolan. Nolan set the pace very quickly by delving into the philosophy of the dating site. Guests on the show included a phone in audience and input from the Mail on Sundays, You magazine journalist Linda Jones. was approached by program makers for to assist in supplying quality men for their amazing new show, real lives which was one of the first shows to be broadcast over supplied two men of outstanding quality which contributed towards the success of the show.
By this point our reputation was swiftly making its way round the BBC. A senior member of management at was invited to the BBC studio's to join Charlie Crocker on her drive time show. The site was featured for approximately 40 minutes and was credited with an excellent contribution to the show.
In 2006 The Post and Courier did a story about online dating, using as an example of specialty dating sites. The interview was done by someone from our management team and everyone found the information to be both interesting and informative.
A very popular figure within the world of radio and TV, Leeza Gibbons interviewed a member of our management team to gain a better understanding of our dating service for her and her listeners. A very positive interview and an excellent opportunity for her audience to learn of the higher level of dating that is supplying to its members.
A very respected monthly journal detailing information about quality dating sites. Produced by Inner Personals they chose because it fit into their own readership demographic of middle to high earning people.
Nine FM was a great interview discussing the members of and how the site came to be so popular. We were able to detail our history, of how we are the first sugar daddy dating site which was created in 2002. Interesting, informative and looking forward to the next time.
Red Hot n Dark interviewed senior management at to shed some light on our exceptional product and amazing projection into the lime light in the arena of online dating. Our commitment to quality people was the topic in focus and to this day we still keep the same formula.
Take 5, the popular magazine that comes with the Sunday Star featured a member of The member discussed how our quality men drew her to the site and was tired of being approached by the wrong type of person when she was out. provided an improved medium for her to meet quality people and we were given the credit to reflect this.